Archie Bacon
Unknown and Archie Bacon (right)
Unknown and Archie Bacon (on right)
Archie Bacon
Passed Away in April 2006

Photos Submitted by:
Tracey (Bacon) Marvin,  Archie's daughter,
"These are my Dad's  collection of NAM photos
Alpha 2-7 Cav Between Oct 1967-Nov 1969 (I think)."

Posted by Request: 19 September 2012/JB
Archie Bacon (far left) and unknowns
Archie Bacon and unknown
Hi!  I am the daughter of Archie Bacon.  I have been looking
through all his papers and pictures from Vietnam and would
like to find others who knew him during his time in the Army.  
I have several pictures of him and other troopers together.  
Some guys even have a nickname above their head.  Would
love to see if anyone recognizes them!
Tracey (Bacon) Marvin