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I am looking for anyone who might have served with my father; Sergeant James R. Prout from June
1969 - June 1970 in Company A, 2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam. He died
while stationed at Fort Ord, CA in October of 1974 while I was 8 yrs.
old. I have his medals but I want to know more about the man behind them and how he got them.

If you have any information or knew of him, please contact me. Or, if  you know of an avenue which
might lead me to contacting the correct persons please let me know.

Respectfully yours,
James R. Prout Jr.
167 West King Street
Holyoke, MA 01040-1127
1(413) 262-6304

Posted by request: July 4th, 2006 JFB
From: Ron Holtz
I am looking for anyone who may have known my brother:

GARY L. HOLZ,  KIA 10/07/67

Gary was a door gunner with the Cav.  His chopper went down on
10/05/67 in PHANTHIET Vietnam.

If you have any information, regarding Gary please contact me.
Ron Holz, 4TH INF Grunt 66/67 RVN

E-mail me at:

Posted 20 Apr 2005 (JFB)
From "Doc" Buck Siefer
I am looking for anyone who
knew my friend:
David M. Dickman, "C"
Company 2nd Plt. KIA
We were very close, when I
got back from Nam with the
9th Inv, he was leaving.
If you have any information
please send me an Email.
Thanks in advance, "Doc"
My Email address is:
Posted 18 Apr 2005 (JFB)
I am Seeking to Find
Richard Brice 66-67
He served with 2/7, Company

If you have any information
contact me:
Scott Christmas
5245 Elks Drive
Las Cruces, NM  88007
Phone: (505) 526-5266
Posted 14 Apr 2005 (JFB)
Brother Troopers I need your help!!
My name is Glenn Blankenship -- I was with the 14th Combat Engineers and
attached to the 2/7 from December 66 to April 67. I am trying get verification
information to help with a claim and I need to verify two incidents that
happened around the Phan Thiet area:
(1) Around Febuary 67, during a search for booby traps in the Phan Thiet area
two troopers from the 2/7 hit a trip wire and detonated a trapped artillery
shell and were killed or seriously injured. Shortly after we discovered a 105mm
connected to a trip wire which we blew in place.

(2) Around March 67, myself and a buddy were sent to LZ Virginia during the
course of our assignment we were ordered by a 2/7 officer to help with a
detail. this detail was to disinter several NVA that had been killed several
weeks previous and search them for documents. If anyone witnessed,or has
knowledge of either of these incidents please contact me:
Glenn Blankenship
Welcome Home to all! Glenn
Posted  02 Apr 2005 (JFB)
We had a great four-day reunion last summer
(2004) with Sam Ostroski, Tony "Flash" Pagon, Ed
"Scholar" Powers, Gerry "Duke Duggan", Marlin
Vetter, George Kessler, and myself In South
Carolina. Anyone who served in  69-70 and wants to
get together with us just let me know.  
E-mail me at:

Posted 10 Apr 2005 (JFB)
Richard Hoffman
is seeking to find this
Trooper Nicknamed "UGMO"

If you have any information
please Email David Floyd at:

Posted 2004 (JFB)

Lanny Starr Seeking to Find
SSGT. Robert Wilson aka "SPANKY"
Lanny Starr, Moses Lake. WA  
A-2/7 68/69      
Lanny can be contacted at
or (509)762-9463
Posted 2004 (JFB)
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Sergeant James R. Prout (Vietnam: Jun 69-Jun 70)
Sergeant James Prout
Vietnam Jun 69 - Jun 70
From Terry Joy Lewis
I need your help - This is my cousin

    CPL Billy Bruce Bull

    The Trooper in the photo below was Billy's friend. They were stationed together in Viet Nam. I don't know the Trooper's
    name in the photo, but I am seeking to identify and locate him.  My cousin, Billy  was from Lake City Iowa, and his tour of
    duty began on Mar 23, 1970. Billy was killed in action on Jul 24, 1970 in TAY NINH, South VietNam.

    If you have any information regarding the
    Trooper in this photo please e-mail  me:
    Terry Joy Lewis at:

    Posted by request: 05/Feb 2006 JFB
Desperately seeking Phats
Are you still out there?  

You gave up humping the 60 to be my body
I never had a chance to thank you. You stuck to
me like stink on shit, and I'll always love you like
a brother.
          I have so many memories from all those
years ago and I'd really like to get in touch.  
Geoff "Doc" Johnson at