From Sally Hartwig
I'm seeking anyone who may
have served with
John W. Rohr, 1LT  
mothers were sisters and
John lived with us briefly
before leaving for the Army. He
was killed April 5, 1970.   I have
his military info, but would
really like to hear more
personal stories. Any help will
be appreciated.  
Sally Hartwig email:

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June 2013/jb
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SGT Berlin Robert
NAM March-May 68

I am trying to locate anyone who
knew or served with my
brother-in-law, SGT Berlin Robert
Shumate.  He served March - May
1968 in Vietnam. He was in A
Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry,
1st Air Cavalry, he died 7 May 1968 in
A Shau Valley, I believe as a part of

I wish to talk with or correspond with
anyone I can, to learn more about
Robert's service, his death, and the
award of the Silver Star he received.  
We want to write a personal history
for our family members.

Contact: Orion Wood  
35712 Sheridan Court / Newark, CA
(510) 794-4284
Cell (510) 209-1246
FAX (510) 794-4762

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SGT Robert Berlin Shumate KIA May 68
Posted with Permission
April 2012/JB
From: Brian Joyce
Regarding Kevin John Joyce
My father, Kevin John Joyce, served
in NAM from May 1968 to July 1968.
He lost both his legs in July, 1968
and ultimately gave his life in 1996.
He was in A CO, 2ND BN, 7TH

Do you have any idea how I can find
out what platoon he was in to see if I
can reach out to any brother
troopers he served with?

I am trying to put together a
memorial video for his grand kids
that he never got to meet.
Any information would be greatly

Brian Joyce, CPA/CFP®

Office Phone: 970-776-4346
Cell Phone: 508-494-0762
Fax: 970-776-3301
1635 Foxtrail Drive
Loveland, CO 80538

UPDATE: From Tom Moon: To the
right is a photo I sent to Brian Joyce
of his father. Joyce is the red head.

Updated: 27 Mar 2012/JB
Kevin John Joyce


It has been many  years since we shared a
moment in time together
In a faraway place in a land like no other
When before the early light
Bombs went off and hell erupted on earth
On a base called J deep in the jungle we
fought for life
I died that night in the fire fight
Only to return and live again
As the Great Spirit did oh so long ago
There were others of our kind our brothers
we left interred
Not forgotten silent in their repose
Within us an empty place that cannot be
filled grows
To you all I say with the most profound
So proud to know you all then and now
As my brothers for life and all time
Bound by duty and honor are the reasons
for our kind
May your Easter meet you with peace and
As you go through this day
Take the time to remember and give
thanks we walked away
From the ashes and grief we share
On this Easter day

Derek "Bull" Boeve

Posted April 10, 2009/Updated 2012/JB
Derek Bull Boeve.
Photos (right)
submitted by Tom
Moon / March 2013.
Tom said, "Here's
a couple of  photos
LT Smith."

Note: However,
Tom isn't 100%
sure that "SMITH"
is this Trooper's
correct last name!

So, if you can help
confirm this
trooper's identify
please contact the
website designer

Posted March 2013/JB
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