Ken Campbell & David Collins
David R. Collins
Alpha 2/7 Cav
NAM Jul 69 - Jul 70

The black & white photos were taken in July 1970 in Phuoc Vinh during a period we called "Place Guard Duty"
(Phuoc Vinh was the Division’s forward headquarters).

The mortar was taken on St. Barbara and the other color photos were taken at FSB Jamie.

Photo Page 1 Posted August 2011 / JB
Photo Page 2 Posted August 2014 /JB

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Wearing the hat is Glenn Noe
Chuck G.
Doc Fortenberry and Tim NICK Nickels
Tim NICK Nickels, David Collins, Paul Rediger and Ford Conley
Mike Ward, Paul Rediger, Dale BUTCH Widmer and Ford Conley
Bruce Westall
Ford Conley
Tim NICK Nickels, Dale BUTCH Widmer & Paul Rediger
Casey Nayck