From Doc Roger Lutz
September 2018

Below are some photos from the past and some current as l go back to some of the
same areas and serve the people.

Not long ago in Bak Kan, not far to the north of Hanoi, I was doing a water and
medical outreach, at the end of the trip we had a going away appreciation dinner
which included an invitation to return.

The Chairman of the 6 villages, which composes the commune mentioned to me,
he had heard I was an American soldier in Vietnam and asked what I did! Oh my,
not such such a good subject with those who were in the pathway of the bombing
runs going into Hanoi. I replied, "I was a soldier who helped to heal people." He
accepted that and replied, ”We as the people, realize our governments do not
always do as we would like."

As we sat and chatted, we both realized, it is always the people who pay the price
for what our leaders determine as the pathw

Photos and Descriptions
As 2/7th entered Khe Sanh April 68 as noted in Life Magazine.

Doing school medical and dental outreach in the schools in Quan Tri Province not far from Hue
and Khe Sanh. Lots of thank you notes.

From the Cav magazine a picture of me doing med caps for the villagers.

Doing medical dental outreach to the west of Hanoi. An exceptional older woman full of smiles

Not my picture. What other medics and I routinely did.

Current picture. Serving the village people in Vietnam with medical and dental outreach.

Pat Nardi and I made up the sign   as the 2/7 were the first into Khe Sanh to relieve the marines.
April 68.

Posted September 2018 with permission/JFB