A/2-7 Cav Trooper Gathering
July 2014
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

     Photos provided by: James Ellis, Alison Ferrone and Ed Landers
      A/2-7 Cav Participants names provided by: Phil Fowler

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A/2-7 Cav Participants
Trooper Derek Boeve (NAM 68-69)
and Shelia Boeve

Trooper Dennis (Bud) Buffington (NAM 70)
and Marcy Buffington

Trooper Scott Cahak (NAM 69-70)
and Delma Cahak

Trooper James Ellis (NAM 67-68)
and Debbie Ellis

Trooper Charles Elliott (NAM 70)
and Brenda Elliot

Trooper James Ferrone (NAM December 70 - March 71)
and Alison Ferrone

Trooper Phillip Fowler (NAM 69-70)
and Linda Fowler

Trooper Raymond (Ray) Horner (NAM 69-70)

Trooper Tom Huebl (NAM 69)

Trooper Gary Iker (NAM 69-70)
and Linda Iker

Trooper Geoffrey (Doc) Johnson (NAM Feb-Nov 70)

Trooper Ed Landers (NAM 70-71)
and Pam Landers

Trooper Ed Lech (NAM 70)
and LaJuana Lech

Trooper Lonnie Leech (NAM 71)
and Carol Leech

Trooper Ron Montgomery (NAM 70)
and Cris Merry

Trooper Allen Norris (NAM 70)
and Cathy Norris

Trooper Mike Scruby (NAM 71)

Trooper Joe Seagroves (NAM 70-71)
and Jamie Seagroves

Trooper Mike Stern (NAM 69-70)

Special Participants: Members of Vernon E.  Rainey's Family
Anne Rainey, Vernon's Mother
Anita Rainey Price, Vernon's Sister
Gail Rainey-Milan, Vernon's Sister
Carolyn Rainey Rogillio, Vernon's Sister
Steve Rainey, Vernon's Brother
Trooper Vernon E. Rainey (NAM September 70 - KIA: February 11, 1971)
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