"Cold Steel” Alpha Company 2/7 Cavalry    
Reunion 2008

My name is Joy Lewis. My very close cousin, Billy Bull, was killed July 24, 1970 while serving with this
unit in Vietnam. I have searched for years looking for anyone who remembered him. Slowly, very slowly,
over time, I began receiving email's from some of Billy’s former A 2/7 Cavalry Brothers. Just this past
Labor Day Weekend, 2008, this unit had a reunion, finally, after 38 years! I was
VERY honored to be
invited to attend. It was held at Geoff “Doc” Johnson’s home in Coralville, Iowa

I have a hard time trying to explain just how special this event was. After all these years, to finally meet
some of the men that Billy served with was one of best things to happen to me. It helped me
tremendously to learn what these men experienced, as I now know what Billy experienced. It touched my
heart deeply, how I could see and feel the love these men had and still have for one another, and for
their fallen “Brothers." It helped me also to understand better, the Vietnam War, since I was only 17
years old when Billy was killed.

I now have a sense of closure regarding Billy’s death, especially since I now know that he was not alone.
There was a memorial event to remember the fallen “Brothers”, POW’s/MIA’s. Names were read off as
we released the yellow balloons to signify the Fallen, and black balloons to signify the POW’s/MIA’s.
There was not a dry eye there. I now am so happy to tell everyone how very proud I am to have these
Vets consider me as a part of their very “Special Family!"

I know there are thousands of people in this country who have lost family members to war. I’m sure they
too would love for some of the Vets to come forward to them, so that they too, can learn the stories, feel
the love and deep respect they have for their “Brothers," both alive, and fallen.

Thank You,
Joy Lewis
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