A picture of me in 1971 taken on a
mission as we were going through
a deforested area.
Ken Surber Gunner
Bill Smith
MY assistant  Gunner
Picture taken as our sergeant
distributed cigarettes mailed to
us by one of the soldiers
mothers.  She worked at R.J.
Reynolds tobacco company.
Cigarette Distribution
Company Barber
He was originally was with our
squad, but then started cutting the
hair on the firebase. Unfortunately,
I have forgotten his name.
Kenneth L. Surber
NAM Pictures 1971
How we cooked our "Long Range
Ration Pack" (LRRP meals.
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Our squad patrolling a deforested
area. As we were in a wide open
area we were distributed much
farther apart than when we were in
the forest.
Using a pickaxe to dig out foxholes. Someone in the squad carried the pickaxe.
We then used the foldable shovel to remove the rock and dirt.
Gilbert Walter
A friend of mine while we were
in NAM
A couple of the guys eating with a
bottle of hot sauce in the front.
Pictures taken by me while I was sitting with my feet on the skid of a Huey
on the way out to patrol.
Our squad walking through a more forested area.
The view outside our perimeter in one of the more forested area.
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