Maney and Kovitch (front), RTO's.
Drying out the poncho liner!
CAPT Tucker standing left front with CAV patch. CAPT Tucker was KIA Oct 1967.
Bombed out temple. CAPT Tucker center.
CAPT Tucker and company filling canteens.
LT Raymond Johnson, Ranger 3rd Platoon Leader receiving Silver Star 1967.
C.P. LZ Virginia.
Unknown with COMMO SGT Johnson on right.
Young child, downtown Phanthiet.
ARVN (friendly) soldiers.
Kovitch, RTO.
A Company Awards Ceremony formation.
Downtown Phanthiet.
Toyko R & R 1967.
Statue in Song Mao.
Yokohama, Japan 1967.
CAPT Tucker, CO checking his map.
M-60 machine gun on Huey.
Kovitch inside bombed out temple.
RTO's Carl Hagan, Richard Maney, Mike Kovitch and Tommy Devitt.
Gowell, Lambert and Devitt.
Kovitch, RTO.
Village of Phanthiet, South China Sea.
You bet, I sent you a letter!
8- inch artillery.
Quad 50 Cal machine guns.
Finally, hot food! Fried chicken!! No C Rats today!
?? Medic, CAPT Tucker, SFC Temple, RTO Lambert, LT Johnson, RTO Hagins.
Kovitch, RTO.
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The big gun!!
South China Sea swim!
South Vietnamese children, Phanthiet.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
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