October, 2008

My name is Joy Lewis. I am in hopes this letter will help find and unite the families and
friends of the KIA - MIA - POW, as well as, the families and friends of the now
deceased Troopers of the Vietnam War. I am one of those family members. My cousin,
Billy Bull, and I were very close --  Billy was KIA on July 24, 1970 in Vietnam. In the
past years, I have been very fortunate to find some of the Troopers who served with
Billy. Some of these Troopers have come forward and shared with me what they
remember about Billy, and what they experienced during their time in Vietnam. I am
eternally grateful to each of these wonderful Troopers for taking their time and effort
to extend their help and friendship to me and my family.

I was invited to and attended the 2008 A/2-7 Cav Reunion held Labor Day weekend in
Coralville, Iowa. I have no exact words to explain how wonderful the reunion was, and
how very special it was to actually meet some of the Troopers in person who served
with Billy. This was an amazing experience --  seeing, hearing and feeling the love and
brotherhood these Troopers have for each other, and also for their Brothers who were
KIA, MIA and POW. I now know Billy will be never be forgotten, not just by me, but by
some of the Troopers who served with him during his final days on earth.

I realize it is difficult for some Vietnam Veterans to come forward and talk to their
families and/or friends what they experienced in Vietnam. Or, to talk about their
Brothers who were KIA, MIA, or POW, or now Deceased. It could be life-changing for
Troopers, their families and friends if more would come forward and write, speak, or
attend reunions, and to also experience what I did at the reunion. I now have a greater
understanding of what happened when Billy was KIA. It also has made me more
sensitive to some of the horrors which still haunt many of our Vietnam Troopers.

It is my dream get a roster started of the families and friends who may be searching
for Troopers who served with their sons, brothers, fathers, etc.
I am willing to help in any way I can to try and help. Please feel free to email me.

Joy Lewis
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For additional information regarding this letter you can also email the webmaster of this site
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