Retired Colonel Robert L. Powell
reflected on his years of service. He
retired in 1991, only to return to
service in 2005.

"I think I got so mad after 9/11, I just
aggravated them until they sent me
over there to shut me up," said
Colonel Powell.

Colonel Powell deployed to Iraq as
an infantry advisor at age 63. Fellow
Rangers say it is this kind of
dedication and service that earns
you a spot in the Ranger Hall of
Ed Landers and COl Powell
Colonel Robert L. Powell
Colonel (Ret) Robert L. Powell is inducted into the Ranger
Hall of Fame for his valorous actions and selfless service
during his distinguished career as a Ranger qualified
leader. He served in the Republic of Vietnam in 1966 as
the Reconnaissance Platoon Leader in the 2nd Battalion,
27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division until he was
wounded in action and returned to the United States.
After serving as an instructor in the Ranger Department,
USAIS, Fort Benning, GA from January 1967 to January
1968 he returned to Vietnam where he took command of
Company C, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne
Brigade. After eight months in command he was wounded
by enemy small arms fire and again returned to the United
Placing duty first, he returned to Vietnam in January 1970
for his third tour where he commanded Company A, 2nd
Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division until he was
again wounded during combat operations.

Following recovery from his wounds in-country, he was
assigned to command Company C, 2nd Battalion, 7th
Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, his third combat command.
At the completion of his last tour he had had been
awarded three Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars w/ "V"
device, three Army Commendation Medals w/ "V“ device,
three Purple Hearts, and several other awards for
achievement and meritorious service. COL Powell
continued his career to include ROTC duty, attendance of
Command and General Staff College, Brigade/Division
Operations, command of a Mechanized Infantry Battalion
in Germany, attendance of the Army War College and
several other significant leadership and staff positions
before retirement in 1991

In November 2005, having been out of uniform for
fourteen years and at 63 years of age, COL Powell
demonstrated his Ranger spirit by volunteering for an
active duty tour in Iraq. He was assigned to the 18th
Airborne Corps where he served as an Infantry Advisor to
the 1st Iraqi Infantry Division and to the Iraqi Military
Academy. Never one to shrink from danger, COL Powell
was injured in a HMMWV accident while leading an Iraqi
night convoy near Baghdad. He returned to the United
States and he retired from the U.S. Army for the second
time. COL Powell gave 100% and then some.