Cold Steel Alpha 2 / 7
    Reunion 2010 14 - 16 May
    Troopers, Family Members and Friends
    "Cold Steel Alpha Trooper" LT Allen Norris
    and His wife Cathy
    Location: Stanley, NC

                                                       Photos Submitted by: Ed Landers
Scottie Cahak
Geoff Doc Johnson & Derek Bo Boeve
Shelia Boeve
Ray Horner & Pam Landers
Derek & Shelia Boeve
Doc Johnson, Shelia Boeve & Phil Fowler
Scottie Cahak & Pam Landers
Ray Horner
Cathy & Allen Norris, Linda Fowler, Ray Horner, Scottie Cahak & Doc Johnson (guy in hat next to Doc Johnson may be Allen Norris' son-in-law??)
Top L-R Larry Anderson, Tom Dasenbrock, Robert Powell  Next Step L-R LT Allen Norris, Phillip Fowler 2nd Row L-R Derek Boeve, Doc Johnson, Scottie Cahak, 1st Row L-R Joe Seagraves, Ed Landers, Ray Horner
Phillip, Scottie & Bo
The Ladies behind the Men of Alpha 2-7 Bottom Row L-R Cathy Norris, Jane Anderson, Linda Fowler, Shelia Boeve Top Row L-R Pam Landers, Sandy Dasenbrock, Debbie Powell
Robert and Debbie Powell
Robert Powell, Tom & Sandy Dasenbrock, Debbie Powell
LT Tom AKA Raider 6 and Sandy Dasenbrock
Phillip Folwer
Lunch at Richard's Coffee Shop and Military Store
COL Cold Steel Robert Powell
LT Allen and Cathy Norris