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To introduce myself, I am David Floyd --  the A-2/7 Cav Webmaster. I served with A/2-7Cav from April 69 to April 70. I have
been adjudicated 100% service connected disability for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with additional ratings for other service
connected disabilities.

As RTO, I carried both the PRC-25 and the PRC-77 radios during that year. At the age of 18, Vietnam and the devastating combat deaths
of fellow Troopers had a deep and lasting effect on me --  which is not always good for me, or those around me.

During my tour, I did nothing outstanding, memorable or heroic. I was just another grunt humping the jungles of Southeast Asia, and
seeking to survive a war I did not understand. The very best memories I have of Vietnam are of the men with whom I served, and the
simple pleasure of a canteen full of cold water!

This site is meant to provide a place for all A-2/7 Cav Troopers and attached personnel to share experiences, reminisce, learn, help educate
or reeducate ourselves and others about the historical, devastating, horrific, lifelong effects, and significance of our war "The Vietnam Era."

There are vast numbers of service connected medical, physical, emotional,  spiritual conditions and issues affecting not only Vietnam
veterans, but also wives, children, parents, sisters, brothers, their grandchildren and other family members. Some conditions will continue
with future generations.  

Some of the conditions include symptoms of
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder such as: depression, nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance,
anxiety/panic attacks, repressed memories, anger, emotional imbalances, relationship problems and more.

There are also the varied and horrible
"Agent Orange" related life threatening conditions with thousands of  resulting deaths of Vietnam
Veterans. Symptoms can include: miscarriages, various off spring birth defects, hepatitis-c, lung, heart and kidney diseases, drug and/or
alcohol addiction, cancers, GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), stomach parasites, a variety of skin conditions,  and much more. The
list is complicated, long and varied.

Sometimes there may be a loss of receiving VA disability, or a an issue of seeking and proving claim information to obtain VA disability
adjudication, and sometimes the information needed to prove a service connected injury or disability can only be proven by an eye witness
to the event with a supportive written statement from a fellow Trooper. We will post requests for information on the
Bulletin Board

There are no fees, dues, or memberships requirements associated with this site.  However, I encourage and recommend membership with
the 1st and 7th Cavalry Associations. Both associations maintain very informative websites with excellent links to other sites.
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Initially, in the mid-80's I started looking for some of the A-2/7 Cav Troopers I served with in a casual way; locating and visiting with my
first squad leader in 1987, and visited with several others over the years. Sadly, several of these Troopers have since passed away.

If you wish to post a dedication or memorial send me an Email and we will post it to:
Dedications & Memorials

As a result of advertisements I placed in Veterans' Service Organizations newspapers during the late 90's, I had the opportunity to meet
Jimmy Dillard, an A-2/7 Cav medic in Vietnam is 69-70, and his nephew, Mitch. With their encouragement, I began using a computer to
surf the web in search of all the Vietnam era Troopers of A-2/7 Cav, with the idea of creating a website for the unit in the future. Further
encouragement from Jim Brigham, President of the 7th Calvary Association, Gary Mozinso (Alpha 6) and other A-2/7 Cav Troopers
inspired and led me to continue my research and the site creation.  

I purchased the domain name, and now with the assistance of my sister, Jenni (Floyd) Balis (who is retired from the U.S. Naval Reserves -
and served eight years on active duty) we are creating and maintaining the site. The construction process remains ongoing with frequent
updates and revisions. Jenni is the Web Designer/Editor. Email:

A-2/7 Cav Troopers, your families and friends this is your site! I encourage you to become involved and participate in the construction,
revision and updates, by providing information, photos, write ups and testimonials of recollections of events in Vietnam - or issues relating
to health.

Perhaps, you will reminisce about days gone by, gain knowledge or a better understanding of the what and why things happened, perhaps
you will enjoy seeing the photos, or reading the recollections of events, and more. Click
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Most of the pages are being constructed from information provided by Troopers, as well as many other sources. Descriptions,
acknowledgements and credits are noted when supplied by the source. Your information, feedback, advice, opinions, corrections and
photos are welcomed and appreciated. Old orders, staff reports, medical, daily reports, awards lists and promotions lists are needed to add
to the search data base.

Thanks for visiting! Please do come visit again, as we remain under construction.
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David Floyd
Alpha Company
Attached Personnel

2nd Battalion 7th Cavalry 3rd Brigade
1st Air Cavalry Division Airmobile
Republic of Vietnam & Southeast Asia
1965 - 1971

A/2-7Cav Vietnam Site Established April, 2004