History of The "NAM
The ´NAM was Marvel Comics
war comic book series. It was
written by Doug Murray and
later by Don Lomax and
illustrated by Michael Golden. It
told the tale of 23rd infantry in

It was stated that every action
and fire fight in series was
based on fact. There was also
an ambitious time structure in
the series: it happened in "real

When thirty days passed for a
reader (the span of one issue),
thirty days passed also for the
characters in story. The initial
goal was to "rotate" the
characters back to states after
12 issues - one year - like in the
real conflict.

The ´NAM was reality based
comic, but because it was a
Comics Code approved series,
issues like drug use were not
addressed. And of course no
swearing and the soldier slang
was cleaned.  

Despite being reality based,
numerous characters would
later cross over to mainstream
Marvel comics.  

84 issues of The ´NAM were
published, the last two issues
of series (#85 and 86) were
published as a Punisher
special: " The Punisher in the
´NAM: Final Invasion".
Punisher had appeared in the
series earlier on as a guest

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The 'NAM Comic books
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The photos above and below are of the first issue
of The "NAM Comic Book. It is titled, The 'NAM:
First Patrol released by Marvel on December 1,
1986. Issue #1: PFC Ed Marks arrives to Vietnam in
1966. He gets his first taste of the reality of the war
when VC tries to destroy his plane on Saigon and
when he fails to bribe the Sergeant in infantry HQ
and is assigned to combat unit. On a search and
destroy mission in the bush he sees the cruel
reality of jungle warfare.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
Posted With Permission June 2013/jb
From Mike Kovitch
It would always be good to hear from a
fellow 1st Caver, no matter the year served.
My email address is:
From Mike Kovitch
Now, for the Nam comic
book. Since this series
of comic books wasn't
about the1st CAV, I
wasn't too excited and
so I only bought the
one issue, that being
the first one issued.

I remember smiling
when I saw the cover
title The 'NAM and so I
had to have it. The real
reason I was smiling,
however, was the irony
that no one talked
about Vietnam after
having served there.

Now, here it was in
vogue,10-years or so
after the war was over
to begin talking about it.
Vets still weren't talking
much about anything,
except to fellow vets.
Heck, people who
never served
anywhere, yet alone
Vietnam, were now
claiming to be NAM
Vets and making up
stories about their false
service and even
medals earned. Others,
still, who also never
served were giving
speeches about what
combat was like. Now
we even had a comic
book series about it
that lasted over
6-years.  How about
that? I brought the
comic home, never
opened it, still haven't,
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