A Company Formation.
A little R & R.
UH-1D Huey.
Oxcart Trail Song Mao, Vietnam.
Relaxing at LZ Virginia 1967.
Huey Approach to LZ Virginia.
COL Vaughn, BN Commander speaking to troops.
Choi-Huas-VC Prisoners.
Assault Cold LZ.
7th CAV enjoying entertainer Martha Raye at Phanthiet.
LZ Virginia, water bladder in foreground.
Rice paddies around Phanthiet.
Phantiet, Vietnam aerial shot.
LZ Virginia trench.
Dave Azar (McDuffife) 3rd Platoon.
Bottom left, Doc Megan, Medic A Company.
Dave Azar (McDuffie) 3rd Platoon, Tokyo, Japan R & R.
LT ? and SFC Raymond Temple.
A Company (around Jan or Feb 1967).
LZ Landing.
SSG Howard Jones, KIA 1967.
South China Sea 7th CAV Phanthiet.
Burn that hooch!
Local Vietnamese market Phanthiet.
The CO, LTCOL Vaughn.
ARA Gunship (Aerial Rocket Artillery).
COL Vaughn BN CO receiving decorations.
There's that dead snake again!
Thanksgiving 1966 Phantheit.
SMJ and SFC Temple talking at CP.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
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