Another patrol is over!
LZ extraction.
Peppering LZ for assault.
Preparing for Huey landing by removing trees with C4.
South China Sea Phantiet, let's break for a swim!
One dead snake!
Chinook LZ extraction.
LZ Virginia Bunkers 1967.
A 2-7 (1966-67) waiting to assault.
105 mm Artillery Encampment.
LZ extraction.
A little baseball R & R, LZ Virginia (Phantheit).
LZ Virginia.
A 2-7 CAV Awards Formation approx Jan 1967.
Another LZ.
LZ Virginia: We are gonna be here awhile!
Martha Raye entertaining 7th CAV: 66 or 67 in Phanthiet at LZ Betty.
Flying Crane.
Hueys headed out for LZ Assault.
LZ Virginia outside Phanthiet.
Another LZ.
Huey LZ landing 2nd wave of slicks.
ARA peppering LZ before landing.
Flying Crane.
8-inch Artillery.
LZ Virginia minefield.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
Posted With Permission June 2013/jb
From Mike Kovitch
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