From Mike
My calendar only shows the 2nd half
of my tour. Since it rained so much
while in NAM, we couldn't keep
anything dry.  My calendar started out
in 1966 (flip side, not shown here) with
only X's on the dates as I crossed each
day out, but by the time my year was
over, due to constant rain, my X's
turned into big blotches as the X;
smeared into each other. It is quite
frayed and fragile now.

I always kept my billfold wrapped in
plastic but it didn't seem to matter.  
Everything still got wet, no matter what
you would do.  I would never keep a
calendar again as crossing out each
and every day makes the year take
longer, or so it seemed.
SGT Mike Kovitch, RTO
NAM Photos and Information
A Company 2nd BN 7th CAV
July 1966 - July 1967
Posted With Permission June 2013/jb
From Mike Kovitch
It would always be good to hear from a
fellow 1st Caver, no matter the year served.
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Mike Kovitch's 1967 NAM Calendar
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